LED Products

Getting the most out of LED Lighting

Do not use LED lighting in high-temperature environments as doing so will speed up the rate at which luminance decreases and elements degrade.

LEDs tend to decrease in luminance and undergo accelerated element deterioration due to heat (heat generated by the LED itself). While the typical half-brightness value of an LED element is said to be around about 30,000 hours, an LED element used continuously under high temperatures may degrade in a shorter time and decrease in luminance.

To mitigate loss of luminance and degradation due to heat

Improve the heat dissipative ability of the LED lighting unit

  • Create air vents.
  • Attach a fan.
  • Attach the unit to a thick bracket or metal plate with good heat dissipative properties.

It is recommended to install LED lighting units in a structure or environment with good heat-dissipative capabilities, for example by taking steps to ensure adequate cooling.

Turn lighting on and off in sync with image capture

LED lighting handles switching well.
Using the ability of IMAC light control power supplies to turn lighting on and off via an external signal, it is possible to extend LED life by only turning them on when required.
(Not all power supplies come equipped with this function.)

Reduce light modulation volume

When light is modulated with the volume down, the current flowing through the LED is lowered, and heat generation is suppressed.
Setting the camera aperture as large as possible when selecting lighting, will allow you to select a lighting unit with more than adequate brightness.
When using lighting continuously, it is recommended that light modulation volume is set to around 50%. (Even if luminance is reduced due to degradation, the volume can be increased to return to normal luminance.)

LED lighting units should be moved as close to the subject as possible.

As LED elements themselves are small, LED lighting units can be made compact and lightweight.

Illumination is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, so moving the lighting unit close significantly increases light intensity. (We also design lighting solutions to suit various applications.)

When using direct lighting,

Using a diffusing plate or polarizing plate can eliminate reflected lighting in some cases.