LED Products

Selecting LED lighting.

Selecting lighting by wavelength

LED wavelength

  *Described wavelength is for reference only. There are some LEDs which does not fit in the above cases.

Shorter wavelengths have larger scattering ratios, and are suited to surface inspection applications.

The contrast will worsten when the object and lighting are the same color.

We recommend selecting the low cost red lighting if it is not color processing.

Comparison of Wavelength and objects

Whereas ordinary lighting is designed to make things brighter, in the field of image processing, lighting plays the key role of emphasizing only the areas of a subject that are of interest and capturing optimal images. Light bulb The color relationship between wavelength (lighting color) and objects, taking into account the relationships of typical complementary colors, is shown in the tables below.

Comparison of LED wavelength and objects

  *The above tables depict a typical example only and may not be applicable depending on work characteristics
   (reflection, transmission, and absorption), and camera and lens (optical system).

Reflection and absorption of colors

Reflection and absorption of colors

The selection depends on the type of LED lighting.

Direct Lighting - Direct Ring Light, Direct lighting bars

  • The LED elements are mounted in high density.
  • Most suitable when requreing high brightness.

Coaxial Light Type - Coaxial lighting

  • Light is irradiated coaxially with a camera using a half mirror.
  • Most suitable for the character recognition.

Transmissive Lighting - Square Edge-Light, Chip plane surface light

  • Uniform flat surface lighting
  • Most suitable for inspection of the profile with backlight.

Spot Light Type - Coaxial Spot Light

  • It substitutes for an optical fiber light guide.
  • Effective as a spot light.

Indirect Lighting - Shadow-less Ring Light, Dome Light

  • LED elements do not make shadow due to indirect lighting.
  • Suitable for glossy objects.

Special Lighting - Ultraviolet Light, RGB Full-color Light

  • Such as a three-color and infrared, ultraviolet and waterproof type.
  • Special purpose