LED Products

Quality Assurance of LED lighting equipment

Warranty period

Warranty period:2 years after factory shipment*
In the event that an IMAC product malfunctions during the period stipulated above or in the event that the illumination output of lighting equipment decreases to 50%, IMAC shall repair the product free of charge or provide a replacement product as stipulated under Scope of Warranty. Consult IMAC and present the product in question.

*Warranty period for time to half-illumination-output shall be one year from factory shipment.

Scope of Warranty

When used in accordance with the instruction manual under usage conditions specified by IMAC, in the event of a product malfunction within the warranty period, IMAC shall repair the product free of charge or provide a replacement product.

However, even if a claim is made within the warranty period, you will be charged in the following situations:

  • Malfunction or damage resulting from connecting the product to lighting equipment or a power supply made by another company
  • Malfunction or damage resulting from incorrect usage or from improper repair, alteration, or disassembly
  • Malfunction or damage resulting from vibration, dropping, or other shock or from inappropriate handling
  • Malfunction or damage resulting from the occurrence of fire, pollution, riot, or a similar phenomenon or from external causes such as earthquake, lightning, flood, or other natural disasters or from use in a unique environment (abnormal voltage, high humidity, and the like).
  • Other cases in which liability is not attributable to IMAC.

Limitation of Liability

Secondary disasters (damage to equipment, lost opportunity, lost profit, and similar) incurred by the customer as a result of the malfunction of or damage to an IMAC product and any damages whatsoever shall not be subject to compensation.

Limitations of Warranty

This product warranty promises the aforementioned warranty details under the clearly indicated warranty period and conditions. Accordingly, it does not undertake any other guarantees, whether express or implied.

IMAC products are primarily designed for use with image processing and industrial inspection applications. This warranty shall not apply to use under circumstances like those outlined below:

  • Use in applications that may result in personal injury (nuclear power controls, railways, aviation, safety equipment) and particularly in applications that require reliability
  • Use in medical equipment that directly affects human life
  • Use in applications that have the potential to significantly affect property