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Slim Line LightIDBB-LSRS Series

IDBB-LSRS Lighting Structure

Housing is just 20mm in width. Space-saving, slim line light.

Model Input VoltageColorDimensions (D/W/H)
IDBB-LSRS100* DC24V White LED 121.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS200* DC24V White LED 221.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS300* DC24V White LED 321.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS400* DC24V White LED 421.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS500* DC24V White LED 521.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS600* DC24V White LED 621.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS700* DC24V White LED 721.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS800* DC24V White LED 821.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS900* DC24V White LED 921.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS1000* DC24V White LED 1021.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS100*-S DC24V White LED 121.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS200*-S DC24V White LED 221.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS300*-S DC24V White LED 321.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS400*-S DC24V White LED 421.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS500*-S DC24V White LED 521.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS600*-S DC24V White LED 621.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS700*-S DC24V White LED 721.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS800*-S DC24V White LED 821.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS900*-S DC24V White LED 921.5mm/20mm/50mm
IDBB-LSRS1000*-S DC24V White LED 1021.5mm/20mm/50mm

While securing the emission width (short side) of 13 mm, size compression has been achieved to a short side width of 20 mm and a depth of 50 mm.
Compared to the "IDBB-LSRA series", the thickness is half and the volume is approximately 35%, enabling easy connection.
Because of the slimness, installation in narrow places and illumination from angles closer to the illumination axis of the camera are possible.

With a distance of 50 mm to the target, we secured an illuminance value of 95% or more at a position of 50 mm from both ends of the light emitting part.