LED Products ILP Series

1000 Level Digital ControllerILP Series

ILP Lighting Structure

Model Output VoltageChannel numbersOutput PowerInput VoltageExternal ON/OFF
ILP-30M2 DC12V 2 30W DC24V
ILP-60M2-24 DC24V 2 60W DC24V

This is the smallest 30W 2channel power supply we have ever produced. Compared to the conventional one, we succeeded in making it 1/6 of its size by densifying the mounted components, and optimizing the design.(*1)
(*1)August 2013 Company Research


It is a PWM controlled power supply with a 1,000 level light control with recognizable digital panel.
The light control speed responds to the tuning speed of the switch which is quick setting.
In addition, the light control value can be locked by each channel with a long press of the button.


The conventional products had a lighting fluctuation due to the a synchronism of an external ON/OFF signal and inner PWM cycle.
However, the PWM cycle of this product synchronizes with the external ON/OFF signal so it has no lighting fluctuation.


An external ON/OFF can be switched from the high mode which turns off the light with the signal to the low mode which turns on the light.
External ON/OFF signal is NPN open collector output/PNP open collector output.