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Product Catalog - 2018 Edition

Product Catalog
2018 Edition

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Why LED lighting is used as a light source for image processing and inspection:

  • Thanks to their long lifetimes and low power consumption,
    LEDs make it possible to reduce running costs
    associated with maintenance.
  • LEDs handle switching well, and have
    extended lifetimes when used with an external
    on/off control.
  • LEDs have an extremely high response speed,
    which enables stable, flicker-free images even with
    external on/off control and light modulation control.
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  • LEDs provide directional light,
    and are therefore better able to emphasize
    flaws in the subject compared with fluorescent lights
    and other diffuse light sources.
  • LEDs allow the selection of wavelength (from ultraviolet light to visible light to infrared light) according to work conditions.
  • LEDs can be built to suit the size and shape of the work.
  • The development of high-intensity LEDs has enabled a significant increase in light intensity giving extremely bright lighting.